"Stops Rot From The Inside Out. The future of wood treatment is here."


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CobraWrap Installed

Stop wood decay at the groundline with CobraWrap - the cleanest, safest, and most effective wrap on the market today.

CobraFlex Install

Fill your woodpecker holes and other cavities with CobraFlex. The first non-epoxy solution available emulates the bending properties of wood and allows climbing while resisting further damage from birds.

CobraRod Installed

Protect your poles and round stock with CobraRods. With the simple and clean installation of a solid, highly concentrated glass rod, you will effectively control fungal decay, termites, carpenter ants, and other wood boring insects.

GenBor RTU

GenBor RTU, in solution, is an aggressive liquid treatment for insect infestations and fungal rot pockets. GenBor RTU quickly migrates throughout infected areas and sets up an internal defense against future attack.


Hammer in - turn out. The preservative impregnated plastic plug is quick to install and quick to remove. The tamper resistant key allows authorized access to reload the same penetration.

Ancillary Products

Ancillary Products
The mission of Genics is to be your one-stop provider of wood treatment products. This is why we provide tags, plugs and tools -- the 'little things' necessary to any maintenance program.


Pole-top fires, cross-arm burn downs, conductor damage and power outages -- all can occur from structural failure in wood. CobraCaps are your most efficient way to prevent pole-top decay and extend the life of wood poles, posts and pilings

CobraShield II

CobraTMShield II
CobraTMShield II has been field tested for efficacy and durability and is a proven product in the protection of wood poles against the hazards of ground fires.


GenicsTMCUB works as both a fungicide and an insecticide. GenicsTMCUB does not contain oils that do not break down naturally and, therefore, GenicsTMCUB is a much more environmentally responsible preservative